Mixing on your Equipment to be a better DJ

Mixing on your Equipment to be a better DJ

Today is a special day for this blog. I’m going to share with you all some amazing techniques that have allowed me to get the best out of my DJ equipment. Let’s get started with this DJ tutorial. First, I’ll tell you that the very best tools at your disposal are the EQs. That is, the bass, treble and mid knobs that are most important when you get mix on. Getting the EQs right will ensure you get that ultimate blend of frequencies spot on to allow your mix to progress up to master dj equipment levels.


So delving in to the EQ process further and we’ll see that with regards the bass tracks when mixing two separate tracks together you should in fact drop the base level below center. I’d also suggest to drop down your faders down a bit too on the two tracks. In doing so, the overall volume level will be decreased which is necessary because when playing the two tracks at the same time, you will be increasing the overall volume so you need to account for this. Another reason for dropping the bass down a tad on both tracks on your dj equipment is so that you don’t muddy the mix.

Here’s the key when it comes to mixing in the bass from the track you’re mixing in on your dj equipment. Simply drop the bass from the track you’re going to mix in until just when the bass line hits, then you want to swap it out. To some djs this can cause a problem if you’re used to syncing using the bass kick as removing it from the track to be faded out will also remove the bass from your headphones as well. There are a few awesome dj mixers that you can find on this website: Guide To Beginner DJ Equipment that will actually allow you to keep the bass in just the headphones while being out of the mix on the main mix. If you don’t have that feature on your mixer then you’ll need to learn how to listen to your timing on the other parts of your track instead of the kick bass drum.


Finally for today’s DJ mixing equipment lesson, let’s briefly look into quick cutting. This is the swap of tracks that’s oh so sudden. To make this work with ease you’ll need to make sure that your timing is spot on and of course know your mixing tracks inside out in the first place.